Fire Damage is our Specialty !!

Steps taken after a Fire

Below are a basic guideline of steps to be taken, each loss may vary:

1. Board and / or secure your property

2. Temporary electrical services (winterizing if necessary)

3. Inventory of damaged or salvageable items to be itemized and / or priced out.

4. Packing out and storage of contents to be cleaned or kept for evidence.

5. Dry-cleaning or washing of laundry.

6. Smoke and odor control system to permit families or businesses to return.

7. Setting up temporary housing and / or business location while renovating

8. A detailed estimate to be gone through with you and your adjuster

9. Demolition of structure and review damages behind walls, etc

10. Relocation of your family or business.

11. Complete contents inventory, packing, cleaning, and storage.

12. Renovation and Repair of the property

13. Returning home and assistance in arranging your contents.

14. Call us NOW with your questions and concerns.


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Don’t be intimidated or persuaded by your insurance company, adjuster, or their preferred contractors into settling your loss!  I will work to provide you with your best settlement and have your best interest in mind.

Do not hire a preferred contractor, they already have a financial relationship with your insurance company when push comes to shove it will be very difficult for their contractors to choose working for you over working for them.

Put your property back together by rebuilding damage areas. You have options!

Have you already hired a restoration company and are you having second thoughts?  It’s not too late!

Did contents get removed or stored that should be thrown away? 

Does your contractor appear to be working for you or your insurance company? Is your adjuster talking about depreciation?

Restore your hope!  

Repairing your home is easy! 

I will handle your insurance settlement process, and the complete repairs so you can take care of your family.