Alvin L. Davis, Inc. Remodeler

You are in the right place, my name is Andy Davis and real estate repairs are my area of expertise!  I can help you fix your house or business.

In 1958, My father, Alvin L. Davis started a construction and real estate business, In 1971, he chose to incorporate his name as his brand. In 2020, we still operate the same corporation in the construction, real estate, & repair industry.  

Alvin L. Davis, Inc. Remodeler is a leader in the field of insurance repair, home repair, remodeling, and home improvements in the Savannah, Ga area.  Currently run by Andy Davis, problems solved include water/fire/storm damage, rot repairs, general repairs, doors & windows, room additions, home remodels, and new home construction.  In addition, the company owns and manages several rental properties in the Savannah area.

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