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Xactimate Estimates

Accurate Insurance Repair Estimates

If you’ve suffered a fire or water damage covered under the terms of a insurance policy, You need to call me now! The insurance claims process places the burden on you to document what items existed at the date of loss and to what extent the property was damaged.

Room by room; item by item; each construction material layer upon layer that was nailed up in your house has to be listed by quantity damaged per LF, SF, SQ, or counted items almost down to the nails, screws and glue required to hold them in place. You will need to rentman8-create floor plans to be accurate within inches from the charred remains in order to document what you had before the loss.

Below is a page from an Xactimate estimate. The supplied room dimension have calculated SF, LF, Each, and counts of the floors, ceilings, walls doors and windows. Depending on the repairs included on the line items, the software adds or subtract the various SF, LF of doors and or windows. Also, you must realize which items can be cleaned by a Servpro or ServiceMaster style franchise in order to properly document the work required to repair the house.

Insurance adjuster and the companies they represent are using Xactimate to cut corners and cost associated with your property damages. there are hundreds of ways to manipulate Xactimate software on the backside to reduce the actual dollars shown on the bottom line. If you feel like there is no way that you can repair the damage to your property with the estimate left by your adjuster then you need to call me now.
Xactimate Estimate