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Insurance Repair

Storm Damage Repair

Insurance Repair Claim? Who ya gonna call? Your choice of a Insurance Repair Contractor is a big decision for you!

What is an insured disaster? Policies differ, so consult your agent for specifics on your policy. Occurrences that we have handled in the past as insurance claims include:
Storm Related Damage – Hurricane, Tropical Storm, Downburst, Tornado, Microburst, Rain, Hail, Lightning, Flood Wind Damage
• Fire Damage – Including Structural, Smoke, and Soot Damage
• Vandalism/Break-In Damage
• Water Damage
• Blackwater and Gray Water Backups
• Vehicular Impact Damage
• Falling objects – Trees and limbs
• Mold remediation and restoration
• Odor Abatement
• Water extraction and structural drying
Your insurance company can supply you with their own in-house insurance adjuster who may seem agreeable in processing your insurance claim but, more times than not, he/she will prove inefficient in getting you paid for what you consider to be the fair value of your loss. The adjuster that your insurance company assigns to your claim is there to assess the damages that his employer will cover, using all the skills and tools available to ensure the least cost and inconvenience to the insurance company.

Remember, your insurance company’s adjuster serves his/her company, not you and your needs or desires.

As insurance repair contractors, we help you sort through the maze of red tape and get you back on your feet quickly by securing the loss site and reporting the claim, assessing and inventorying your damaged property, preparing and submitting detailed estimates to make you whole and other procedures required to obtain a proper settlement, therefore, allowing you to restore your property as quickly as possible. We specialize in fire, earthquake, theft, vandalism, hurricane, tornado, wind and water damage claims.

When you incur a loss to your home and property, getting beyond your tragedy to a fair resolution can be confusing and filled with emotion. As insurance repair contractors and experts in our field, we take the guesswork out of the process and bring you peace of mind. Our staff brings decades of knowledge in construction, insurance claims and loss adjusting. We know the ins and outs of insurance policies and can navigate through time-consuming pitfalls.

Here at Alvin L. Davis Inc. Remodeler, we’ve spent over 58 years building a reputation in Savannah by supplying personalized attention and professional representation that our clients’ claims require and deserve. We solely represent the interest of the insured in the adjustment of claims for fire, theft, windstorm, vandalism, water, and hurricane damage. We act as the constant advocate and advisor for our clients’ needs from the hours just following the loss all the way through the final settlement of their claims.

Immediately do what you can to minimize the damage to your property.

After the Storm, you should make any necessary temporary repairs to your property by removing any fallen trees, and tarp your roof!! Do what you can to dry up any excess water inside your home.

A storm damage project doesn't have to be overwhelming and if you do a little investigation beforehand and gather all your concerns with your chosen repair contractor, you can have a completely successful insurance claim project. You should consult with Alvin L. Davis, Inc. Remodeler to make certain you can get all the necessary permits.

If a tree has fallen on your house not all of the storm damage to your property may be visible. It is very important that you let me inspect the storm damage with you prior to your agreement to settle with your insurance company. 

It is very common for your insurance company to make an initial settlement with you in order to close the file. I am an expert at carefully going over the list of items that may have been damaged.

If I find more storm damage than your adjuster, we simply re-open your file and make a supplemental claim for the damaged roof. It is very common for us to submit an estimate for additional repairs missed by your adjuster or repair of items uncovered during repairs.

Before starting any Savannah insurance repair project, you need to work out a plan to prepare a proper estimate then negotiate the storm damage settlement with your adjuster.

A roof protects you and your most valuable investment – your home – as well as the possessions inside. Your roof is one of the most expensive assemblies attached to your house.  So, when it’s time to hire a storm damage roofing contractor, you want to work with one that provides you with superior materials and workmanship. Alvin L. Davis, Inc., Remodeler is that kind of roofing company.

I will work for you! Call us with your questions and concerns! We work for you! 912-355-7611

Storm & Wind Damage

Alvin L. Davis, Inc. Remodeler will thoroughly explain our plan to repair tha storm damage to your property, answer all of your unanswered questions left by the insurance adjuster and allow you to decide on your contractor with no obligation and no pressure. We work directly with you and your insurance company to ensure a fast claims process and help ease the additional stress and burden on you. You and your family get your life back and we handle all the details of rebuilding your property.  I will temporarily secure your property and later repair your property!  Don't get blown away by your insurance company!!  I am very good at settling storm and wind damage type claims.

Alvin L. Davis, Inc. Remodeler wants you to feel confident in your consideration of our company. We will try to help you understand the complexities of your property damage, the insurance claims process and the mortgage company paperwork. We offer estimating services that will target your exact needs to repair your property to its pre-loss condition. Our insurance repair estimator knows the language and terminology of your insurance adjuster. Alvin L. Davis, Inc. Remodeler knows how to negotiate your insurance claim to its maximum benefit.

I will work for you! Call us with your questions and concerns! We work for you!  912-355-7611


20 Point Roof Storm Damage Inspection Checklist

1. missing, shingles, tiles, slates, or nails
2. cracked, curled or missing shingles
3. lots of fine gravel like granules in gutter
4. dark, bare spots on your roof
5. water flows properly through the drainage system
6. cracked or weak areas in sheathing
7. gutters securely fashioned
8. cracks or open seams in gutters or downspouts
9. cracks in mortar or brick in chimney
10. bricks missing from chimney
11. caulk or sealant missing around chimney or vents
12. signs of water damage at eaves and overhangs
13. roof  ridge appears damaged or missing
14. roof surface appear flat without any dips
15. flashing installed properly
16. damaged or missing flashing
17. damaged to valley flashing materials
18. water pools on flat roof areas
19. rotted or warped shakes or shingles
20. flashing sealant damaged or missing


• Insulation & Attic
• Electrical
• Drywall or other wall coverings
• Flooring
• Fixtures


• Shingles pushed up or damaged
• Roof sheeting
• Water damage above soffit and overhangs
• Guttering and downspouts
• External sheeting
• Siding, masonry

You will be hard-pressed to find other storm damage restoration companies offering the same level of experience, care, and versatility as Alvin L. Davis, Inc., Remodeler. To schedule a free estimate for storm damage to your home or roof contact Andy Davis at Alvin L. Davis, Inc. Remodeler. We will be happy to complete a storm damage survey of your roof and provide you with a proposal of everything needed for a new and attractive roof.  We will gladly come out to estimate your roof project or give guesstimates over the phone.

Roof Storm Damage Job Survey

• What is the nature of this project?
• Wind damage or Fallen tree damage?
• Completely replace roof?            
• Are you aware of any leaks or damage to the roof?
• Stories in House: Two stories or more?
• Interested in Green Alternatives?
• Desired Completion Date?
• Timing is flexible?
• Request Stage: Planning & Budgeting?
• Special Features for Roof: Ridge vent?
• Special Features for Roof: Sky Lights?
• Special Features for Roof: Power Vents?                       
• Covered by Insurance?
• Are you the Property Owner?
• Are you upgrading from existing 20 year old roof (architectural style)?


Alvin L. Davis, Inc. Remodeler is a State Licensed Residential Light Commercial Contractor. We are home building professionals licensed since 1971 and offer full service insurance repair and property damage restoration. Our staff specializes in fire, water & storm damage restoration located in Savannah, Georgia. Our services include new home construction, remodeling, kitchen and baths, mold remediation, structural drying and dehumidification for flood damage . Our office is not just a truck and cell phone number! We have been in the same physical location since 1971 and we own the building so we will not disappear overnight.

We are a  Savannah remodeling and construction company. We offer turnkey remodeling service for storm and wind damage with local remodeling contractors. It is family owned and operated since 1958 and all work is done by quality craftsmen that care about their reputation.  Savannah’s most trusted home source, Alvin L. Davis, Inc. Remodeler provides homeowners with expert advice on home insurance claims, repair information about remodeling a home while completing storm and wind damage repair work. You may rest assured that with Alvin L. Davis, Inc. Remodeler has the solution to your problem with over 58 years of experience. We value your trust and respect your opinion.

Alvin L. Davis, Inc., Remodeler family has been in the roofing business since 1958 and over the years, we have carefully refined the roof installation process to provide each customer with a truly positive experience. Everyone from our managers to our salespeople to our roofing crews, are courteous, meticulous, fully trained, and dedicated to serving customers. Our customers often tell us that they’re impressed with the way we educate them, communicate throughout the entire process, and treat each job site with respect. Serving all areas around Savannah, our roofers of treat every job with a sense of ownership and pride.

Alvin L. Davis, Inc Remodeler is the preferred choice for both house roof needs and roofing repair needs throughout southeastern Georgia. For homes, we expertly install shingle roofs, metal roofs, cedar shakes and shingles, barrel tile, slate roofs, and more.

Andy Davis, Contractor

Certified Restorer of Restoration Industry Association, Builder, Remodeler, Insurance Repair Specialist Since 1991, Mold Remediator, Moisture Testing Specialist, Water Damage Professional, Psychometric Evaluator, Carpet Inspector, Textile Evaluator, Cabinet Quality Evaluator, Smoke Odor Eliminator, Fire Damage Remediation, Fire Damage Structural Evaluator, Building Code Specialist, Damaged Contents Evaluator, Structural Drying Specialist, Drying Fans and Dehumidifier Placement Specialist, Vortex Drying Regulator, Water Extraction Professional, Loss Mitigator, Xactimate Estimator, Sketch Diagram Specialist, Skilled Negotiator, Licensed State of Georgia Residential Light Commercial Contractor, Licensed State of Georgia Real Estate Sales Agent, Sports Photographer