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Insurance Repair

Storm Damage Repair

Insurance Repair Claim? Who ya gonna call? Your choice of a Insurance Repair Contractor is a big decision for you!

What is an insured disaster? Policies differ, so consult your agent for specifics on your policy. Occurrences that we have handled in the past as insurance claims include:
Storm Related Damage – Hurricane, Tropical Storm, Downburst, Tornado, Microburst, Rain, Hail, Lightning, Flood Wind Damage
• Fire Damage – Including Structural, Smoke, and Soot Damage
• Vandalism/Break-In Damage
• Water Damage
• Blackwater and Gray Water Backups
• Vehicular Impact Damage
• Falling objects – Trees and limbs
• Mold remediation and restoration
• Odor Abatement
• Water extraction and structural drying
Your insurance company can supply you with their own in-house insurance adjuster who may seem agreeable in processing your insurance claim but, more times than not, he/she will prove inefficient in getting you paid for what you consider to be the fair value of your loss. The adjuster that your insurance company assigns to your claim is there to assess the damages that his employer will cover, using all the skills and tools available to ensure the least cost and inconvenience to the insurance company.

Remember, your insurance company’s adjuster serves his/her company, not you and your needs or desires.

As insurance repair contractors, we help you sort through the maze of red tape and get you back on your feet quickly by securing the loss site and reporting the claim, assessing and inventorying your damaged property, preparing and submitting detailed estimates to make you whole and other procedures required to obtain a proper settlement, therefore, allowing you to restore your property as quickly as possible. We specialize in fire, earthquake, theft, vandalism, hurricane, tornado, wind and water damage claims.

When you incur a loss to your home and property, getting beyond your tragedy to a fair resolution can be confusing and filled with emotion. As insurance repair contractors and experts in our field, we take the guesswork out of the process and bring you peace of mind. Our staff brings decades of knowledge in construction, insurance claims and loss adjusting. We know the ins and outs of insurance policies and can navigate through time-consuming pitfalls.

Here at Alvin L. Davis Inc. Remodeler, we’ve spent over 58 years building a reputation in Savannah by supplying personalized attention and professional representation that our clients’ claims require and deserve. We solely represent the interest of the insured in the adjustment of claims for fire, theft, windstorm, vandalism, water, and hurricane damage. We act as the constant advocate and advisor for our clients’ needs from the hours just following the loss all the way through the final settlement of their claims.